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Founded in the 5th century, Kyiv (Kiev) is the mother city of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. All three descend from Kievan Rus, the Slavic super-state that existed from the 9th to the 11th centuries. Kyiv has survived Mongol invasions, devastating fires, communist urban planning and the destruction of WWII.
The Old Town is concentrated around the north-eastern end of Volodymyrska street and contains a number of Kyiv's historic landmarks. The main attraction is the 11th century St Sophia Cathedral, the city's oldest standing church, which contains some of the country's greatest mosaics and frescoes.

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Affordable accommodation in Kyiv (Kiev)
The most comfortable Kyiv (Kiev) hotels are located in the city centre. Though, as a cheaper alternative you can try to rent an apartment, which has got most of the usual hotel facilities (only excluding breakfast) but at a lower price.

City tours, English-speaking guides and interpreters
If you are a new visitor to Kyiv, we advise you to take a guided Kiev city tour. During an easy walk you will see the main attractions of the city and get a touch of its fascinating history. You will also get a fast introduction to the best pubs, cafes and restaurants, where to shop for souvenirs, or to buy opera or train tickets.

Travel information, advice and support
You can also find here all sorts of useful Kiev travel information. Essential telephone numbers and addresses, what to see, where to eat, where to stay, where to go to explore places around.
One of the interesting one day side trips is an ecological tour to Chornobyl. And if you love nature - you could join one of the bicycle tours around Kiev.

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